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Inca to Inuit - Vancouver

Visiting Vancouver

After just under seven months weaving our way across and around the USA, it was time to temporarily say goodbye to America and embrace the behemoth land that is Canada. Neither of us had even thought about what we…

Inca to Inuit - Napa
FOOD & WINE Memoir U.S.A

Napa Valley – The Generous Campers

With at least a third of our nights in the US spent under canvas, Lyndsay and I had started to consider ourselves pretty good campers. Something that Lyndsay, especially, probably never thought would be the case. But needs must,…

Inca to Inuit - New York Central Park

Easter In New York City

Both Jake and I come from fairly traditional families each with our own quirky take on festive tradition. For Jake it’s a BBQ brunch in the woods on Christmas day, for me, it’s an Easter Sunday of competitive  egg…

Inca to Inuit - Nashville

Music City – Nashville, Tennessee

Having spent the past two weeks bed bound and on a liquid diet of chicken broth and water, it was time to get back out into the World and start exploring again. We left Memphis and headed for Nashville.…

Memoir U.S.A

Medicine, Motels and Memphis

We were now roughly two months into the US leg of our Inca to Inuit adventure. In that time we had bought a car, become full-time campers (much to my disbelief) and revelled in southern cuisine, country music, and…

Inca to Inuit - Texas

Hill Country – The Hidden Heartland Of Texas

Rodeo, Cowboys, and BBQ were what we expected from Texas, what we didn’t expect were Germanic settlements, stargazing and one huge Enchanted rock. Texans are a little different to other Americans, well at least in our opinion. To Texans,…