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Basic Workout To Aid Back Pain Ahead Of Backpacking

Back Pain Strengthening

As a back pain sufferer, I am continuing to work to strengthen my back and core before setting off on our backpacking adventure. After a two month stint with acute back spasms and aggravated arthritis, I am now working to slowly but surely build up my core strength. My physiotherapist and I have been working over the past couple of weeks to develop a basic gym routine.


I’m two weeks into working through the below routine twice a week and really beginning to see results. Hopefully over the next couple of weeks I can start rotating in heavier weights and longer cardio sessions.

Warm up 5 minutes
– Cardio ( x-trainer / bike)

Pre work out stretches:
– Thoracic extension stretch over towel x 12
– Childs pose
– Hip flexor stretches

CORE program:
– Pelvic tilts 20 x 3 sets
– Lay on back and bridge hips to ceiling x 10 (slowly curly up, slowly curl down), use gluts
– Lie on back – double arm lift overhead with 1kg weight x 12
– Side plank; 5 SECONDS ONLY on bent knee
– Hands and knees; lift leg backwards (superman) hold 5 seconds x 5 each leg
– SWISS BALL KNEE ROLLS (lay on back, roll knees side to side for obliques)

LEG strength program:
– Step ups (reebok step) 3kg each hand x 10 , 2 sets each leg
– Sit to stand holding 5kg x 12, 3 sets (Short term goal) – Sit to stand single leg x 3 each side
– Wall squat hold 10 seconds x 3
– Lie on side, bent knees, clam shell (feel bottom)

End of session stretches:
– Hip flexor stretch
– Lat stretches (on hands and knees)
– Quads stretch
– Hamstring stretch
– Low back stretch (knee rolling)
– Childs Pose

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