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Inca to Inuit - Napa
FOOD & WINE Memoir U.S.A

Napa Valley – The Generous Campers

With at least a third of our nights in the US spent under canvas, Lyndsay and I had started to consider ourselves pretty good campers. Something that Lyndsay, especially, probably never thought would be the case. But needs must,…

Inca to Inuit - Making friends in Chicago

Making Friends In Chicago

Those of our friends who had spent their gap years travelling had told us ahead of our trip that we would make many travelling buddies during our Inca to Inuit adventure. Arriving at our first hostel in Huanchaco, Peru…

Memoir U.S.A

Medicine, Motels and Memphis

We were now roughly two months into the US leg of our Inca to Inuit adventure. In that time we had bought a car, become full-time campers (much to my disbelief) and revelled in southern cuisine, country music, and…

Inca to Inuit - Rodeo

Kings & Queens Of The Rodeo

It would be nothing short of sacrilege to visit Texas and not spend at least one evening eating overly cheesed nacho’s, drinking warm beer and watching some real life cowboys get to work. After a week exploring the Texas…

Inca to Inuit - Miami
Memoir U.S.A

Exploring Florida – Welcome To Miami

If someone had asked me before this trip had begun where I imagined spending my first stay in Miami, it most definitely wouldn’t have been in a tent in the back garden of a hippie commune. But hey, isn’t…

Inca to Inuit - Florida
Memoir U.S.A

Exploring Florida – On The Road To Miami

Jake and I had unknowingly visited Florida the same year some twenty years ago. We were aged 11 and 10 respectively both being spoilt to every child’s dream holiday, Disney World.  We had each hugged and posed with our…

Memoir U.S.A

Welcome to The USA

Arriving in Orlando, Florida on a cold January evening we felt as though we had been smacked across the face and catapulted back into western civilisation.  The vast, clinically clean airport lounges, “English” signage, familiar brands and a completely sensor…

So Long South America Inca to Inuit

So Long South America

Ahead of embarking on our Inca to Inuit adventure we had few preconceptions as to what South America would be like. We were oblivious to it’s violent and bloody past and ignorant to the abundant diversity, individuality, colour and…