Easter In New York City

Inca to Inuit - New York Central Park

Both Jake and I come from fairly traditional families each with our own quirky take on festive tradition. For Jake it’s a BBQ brunch in the woods on Christmas day, for me, it’s an Easter Sunday of competitive  egg hunting, decorating, rolling and the Sunday Post Quiz. Until this year I hadn’t missed one Easter Sunday in all my twenty-nine years. As such this meant that for the past twenty-nine years I’d spent Easter Sunday with my family at my granny Ali’s eating her famous soup, knee deep in PVA glue and any other craft material I could get my hands on.

This year Easter would be very different, swapping the Cheshire countryside and Granny Ali’s spectacular Easter spread for the dizzying sights and sounds of New York City. This would be our first time visiting New York and as such it had sat as a significant milestone in our trip. A destination we had set both money and time aside to splurge with.

Inca to Inuit - New York Statue of Liberty

Not to be deterred by three thousand miles we had promised to make a satellite egg decorating entry, which, with a five hour time difference meant some pre-planned crafts. We woke at 6am on Easter Sunday in a Red roof Inn (think Travelodge but with a red roof) two hours south of New York. With our limited colour palette of sharpies, we had spent the night before scribbling on a carton of 6 eggs in the most “inventive” ways possible. With six decorated eggs firmly on my lap and a coffee at our side, we made our way to the Big Apple.

Inca to Inuit - New York Easter Eggs

Driving over Brooklyn bridge we both sat with wide smiles, fidgety and itching to explore. We had managed to bag a killer deal at the Park Lane hotel, directly opposite Central Park. Having dropped our car at a significantly cheaper car park in Brooklyn we took our carton of eggs, strapped our backpacks to our backs and headed for the Upper West Side. Having not purchased an additional item of clothing since we left for Peru, we had desperately tried to pull together the most “sophisticated” and “acceptable” outfit for a four-star hotel. Despite our best efforts the monstrous backpacks and the carton of eggs did little to deter scornful looks as we passed by the Plaza and into the lobby of our hotel.

Inca to Inuit - New York Brooklyn Bridge

Inca to Inuit - New York

Inca to Inuit - New York The Plaza

Wide-eyed at the relative luxury and opulence we had stumbled into, I reminded Jake that I had made a request for a room upgrade on the grounds of an imaginary ten year anniversary and as such to amp up his normal levels of affection as we checked in. Hiding our backpacks by our feet, arms around each other, our blagging somehow paid off. One room upgrade and $100 credit to our room later we found ourselves in the lap of luxury.

Inca to Inuit - Park Lane Hotel

It was from our little slice of New York luxury we skyped home just in time for the Sunday post quiz. With Jake on the boys team and me on the girls team and my sister Kayleigh as quiz master, we settled down virtually in my grandma’s living room for an hour of competitive Easter quiz time. Somehow, despite the 3,000 miles between us, there was the same dynamic there always was.  The same competitive jibes the same jokes and the same sense of family. That one hour Skype call made our Easter.

Inca to Inuit - Easter in New York

Inca to Inuit - New York Morris Dancers

With a spring in our step, we headed out into the crisp morning sunshine and walked the short few steps into Central Park. The park was in bloom with bright flowers, healthy bright green leaves and teams of families celebrating Easter Sunday with their own traditions. Colourful balloons decorated different areas of the park acting as markers for chocolate hungry children looking for their next Easter egg hunt clues. As we waltzed around the park we were surrounded by the jingle of bells. Morris Dancers, decorated in their Sunday best bells and whistles, jigged their way through the park, a small slice of England in the Big Apple.

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    Colin Manders
    11th July 2016 at 5:26 pm

    Love this post and the eggs! Nascent talents! Who won the quiz?! And as for the blag….fantastic!
    PS just read this aloud to TC who is in tbe shower. She sais isn’t Easter late in the USA!😂

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