Memoir U.S.A

Welcome to The USA


Arriving in Orlando, Florida on a cold January evening we felt as though we had been smacked across the face and catapulted back into western civilisation.  The vast, clinically clean airport lounges, “English” signage, familiar brands and a completely sensor operated toilet experience could only mean one thing, we were in the USA.

After declaring every penny of our bank accounts, identities and intentions at customs we made our way to collect our hire car. It would be our chariot for the next six days whilst we toured across Orlando looking for a trusty stead to deliver us safely and stylishly to our final destination, Alaska.

Flying To Orlando

Driving in the dark to our Motel in Kissimmee we sat in silence with nothing but smiles on our faces. We had made it to the USA and everything suddenly felt easier. We could understand the road signs and recognised the endless rows of fast food restaurants and supermarkets that lined the freeways. Even better we could turn on the car radio and understand the DJ and knew the music being played. It felt as if we were half way home but with the advantage of having an entirely new adventure ahead of us.

Inca to Inuit - USA

Ravenous and tired we drove towards the gigantic golden arches that conveniently stood tall next to our Motel like a moth to a flame. Clutching onto a piping hot brown paper bag of McDonalds with our backpacks on our backs we checked into our Motel. Suddenly realising that for the first time, in a long time we could have an actual conversation with another adult that wasn’t each other, we reeled off endless pleasantries and meaningless chit chat. This was a novelty that wasn’t going to wear off anytime soon.

Bowled over at the size of our bed, bath and TV, we crawled under the sheets with our McDonalds. Eager to sleep we frantically munched through our Big Mac’s ready to start a fresh adventure. We were suddenly a little less Inca and a little more Inuit.

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