Huacachina | Sandboarding In The Peruvian Desert

Jake Handstand Huacachina

A four-hour bus south from Lima along the Carr Panamericana (Pan American Highway) brings you to Ica, a bustling city where both wine and pisco are a serious business.

We chose to stay in nearby Huacachina, an oasis in the desert a couple of kilometres west of Ica. Huacachina is little more than a village around a desert lagoon that has been built upon the tourist trade, but it has a big reputation. Huacachina is the undisputed Peruvian king of sandboarding.

Lyndsay going down Huacachina Sand Dune

The Lagoon is encircled by enormous dunes that take up much of the skyline. It is these and the surrounding desert dunes that act as gigantic pistes for boarders.

Jake Sandboarding Huachachina

Each morning and late afternoon Huacachina is brought to life by a cacophony of noise that can only be described in biblical terms. It sounds like the world convention of Hell’s Angels has descended on this tiny oasis, but it is in fact dune buggies that carry boarders out into the desert in search of the perfect dune, The buggies are amazing open engined machines that look like they are straight from the set of Mad Max. These 5-plus litre beasts are modified for the desert and are an absolutely blast to go for a ride in.


Sandboarding trips can be booked from all hostels and hotels and cost around 30 PEN (£6) for two hours boarding. For this, you’ll get a buggy, board, board wax and an epic time!

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