Music City – Nashville, Tennessee

Inca to Inuit - Nashville

Having spent the past two weeks bed bound and on a liquid diet of chicken broth and water, it was time to get back out into the World and start exploring again. We left Memphis and headed for Nashville. Opting for country roads over the interstate we spent the day slowly driving North. It felt good to be back out and on the road again.

Driving into Nashville it reminded us of New Orleans but with brighter lights and louder music. Imagine if Vegas and New Orleans had a love child, that’s Nashville. Heading downtown huge, bright neon lights hung high over droves of twenty-somethings with a wide smile on their faces and a guitar strapped to their backs.

As you walk through the main strip an endless conveyor belt of tourists weaves in and out of the many stores each selling a slightly different slice of Nashville. The stores are manned by the young and the beautiful, every one camera ready and living for the moment their shift finishes and they can take to one of the many stages that decorate the city.

Inca to Inuit - Nashville

Inca to Inuit - Nashville

There is an air of possibility that seeps out of every pore of Nashville. Everyone here seems to be busily working away toward a greater goal of becoming the next Johnny Cash or Kelly Clarkson. The ghosts of music royalty are Nashville’s elite, each with their own pride of place, whether it be their own museum, theatre or record shop. Here the ghosts of days gone by, live alongside the young and starry-eyed offering inspiration and hope that their dream of one day being famous may just be in reach.

Inca to Inuit - Nashville

Throughout the day hopeful musicians check in and out of honky-tonks in thirty-minute rotations, each singing their hearts out to the droves of tourists who will sit and listen.  Dark bars offer around the clock happy hours whilst brave and heavy souls take to the stage and sing for their supper.

Nashville offers up some of the best food in the South with fried chicken and BBQ joints offering up affordable and incredible dishes. Sitting down to yet another BBQ in Jack’s BBQ we overheard persuasive managers cajoling young and impressionable musicians into signing deals and promising the big time.

Inca to Inuit - Nashville

For the music lover and more specifically the country music lover, there are hours of fun to be had exploring the many museums, theatres and exhibitions. Nashville is nothing short of a shrine. We enjoyed ducking in and out of honky-tonks and shops, trying on cowboy boots and nibbling on fudge by the waterside. Had it not been for the antibiotics there is no doubt I would be writing about a much messier series of events that most probably would have involved Jack Daniels and some line dancing. For us in that moment, however, Nashville offered up just enough excitement for one day and the perfect start to the next leg of our adventures.

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