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Uncoiling On The Cornish Coast – Our Cornish Break

Whilst on holiday my most treasured part of the day is undoubtedly that lovely sliver of time after you’ve come home from your day’s adventures and before you embark on the evening’s revelry. The time of the day when the day’s pursuits permit a cold beer or whiskey ginger without the regular side of guilt.

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about what this time of the day will look like throughout the 11 odd months of our trip. What will our tipple be? What will the backdrop be? What will we have done that day to warrant a guilt free drink? Who will we be with? Will jake and I have run out of things to say to each other by then!?

It’s 6 pm. I have a bottle of beer in my hand and I’m sat looking out onto an indigo Cornish horizon of the endless sea. The Celtic Sea to be precise (something I’ve learnt today). Looking out from the bay window of the former home of the beloved Hazel Meredith, Jake’s second cousin.

Before the house goes up for sale The Mason family have kindly let many of us within the wider family come and stay, enjoying these privileged Cornish views for as long as possible before the summer ends.

Jake and I have set up home here for a week. A much-welcomed break for Jake after a relentless 6 months of long stressful working weeks and for me a change of scenery to fully recuperate after 6 weeks of sick leave.

It’s here I hope we get the opportunity to fully uncoil, away from the bustle of everyday life but also a break from the meticulous planning of our trip. The more energy we apply to organising our extravagant adventure the more overwhelming it can become. This trip after all isn’t your standard holiday. Three continents, 32 countries, 20,000 miles, goodness knows how many currencies, languages and don’t even get me started on the vaccinations. I’ll save that escapade for another post

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